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All of our home inspectors are thorough specialists who have received certification from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They will conduct thorough checks and provide precise reports on inspections conducted with cutting-edge technology and equipment. 

We provide the following services to our clients: 

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InspecUs Yegnorth in Edmonton, AB, provides its services to buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and insurance agents. To put it broadly, the home inspection provides an understanding of the current value of the property as well as repairs required in the short and long term to bring it up to the expected standard. 

The reports provided after the inspection can assist you in deciding whether you should go ahead with the deal, renegotiate the asking prices, or simply walk out. It also helps understand if insurance can be taken on the house. If yes, then how much can be taken. 

We offer affordable home inspection services in Edmonton, AB. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote. 

Home Inspection Services, You Can Rely Upon

It is now customary to hire a professional home inspector before purchasing a new home. It also makes sense to seek the professional advice of home inspectors before investing in real estate. InspecUs Yegnorth in Edmonton, Alberta, provides reliable and trusted services at highly competitive prices. 

Our list of home inspection services includes complete home inspections, stakeholder inspections, first-time home buyer inspections, commercial construction inspections, multi-family inspections, pre-sale inspections,  and so on. All of our home inspectors are experienced and certified professionals who strive to offer only the best of their work. Call us today to learn more.

About Us

Dipak Joshi: Expert Home Inspector with Diverse Skills and Impressive Qualifications. He is a highly motivated and peak-performing professional with an exceptional track record in diverse environments. With an efficient, reliable, and supervisory skill set, Dipak has gained a reputation for being responsible, well-organized, and possessing strong communication abilities. Embracing challenges with enthusiasm, he is known for his adaptability and problem-solving capabilities. Proficient in various operating systems and software, Dipak's technological skills add value to his expertise as a Home Inspector.

Our Services

Home Inspection

A home inspection would usually reveal any critical flaws, safety concerns, and the impending end of the life span of different materials used in its building projects. The home inspection procedure will also disclose any broken, defective, or potentially hazardous issues with the residence and its nearby area

  • Complete house Inspection
  • Investor Inspection
  • First time Home Buyer
  • Multi-Family Inspection
  • Pre-Sale Inspection
  • Commercial Building Inspection

Thermal Scanning

Infrared (thermal imaging) is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows the inspector to reveal things which can’t be seen by the naked eye. We perform thermal imaging on all home inspections.

A thermal imaging inspection includes examining the inside or outside of a building with a Forward Looking Infrared camera or an Infrared Camera. It searches for moisture and water that may be present within the walls. This is an area that an inspector cannot see unless the walls are opened or this sort of technology is used.

Mold & Asbestos

Mold, Water, Asbestos, Lead, & Meth Hazard tests available.We can perform a variety of tests which will communicate what is involved in reducing damage to homes.

It is a fungus that, based on the type of mold spore species, can be toxic at high concentration levels. Asbestos, on the other hand, is a group of six naturally appearing mineral fibers found in soil and rocks. Asbestos has been shown to have more adverse health effects than mold when exposed to it for an extended amount of time.

Light Commercial

The sewer line has many variables that are unseen (was it installed correctly, was it repaired, are roots an issue, has someone flushed an object down it, is there a partial break, is there a low spot in the line due to settling, are the fittings the proper ones for flow, is the house tied into sewer and to a septic system) These are all potential issues that would be unable to determine without a proper sewer scope or evidence of a backed up sewer line.

Light commercial inspections consist of a walk-through survey to gain a comprehensive overview of all primary components and systems present in the building, such as the HVAC, framework,  electrical, plumbing, exterior, and interior decoration.

WETT inspection

WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) inspections are visual examinations of wood or  burning equipment such as wood burners and stoves to ensure that the construction meets required code requirements and that the general condition is reliable for use.


Finding the ideal home is deceptively hard to do.
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Mold & Sampling Inspection
Asbestos Inspection & Sampling, Edmonton Canada
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Thermal Imaging & Moisture Detection
Air Quality & Allergan Sampling


We offer the required education about home inspection to house buyers, sellers, and even real estate brokers at InspecUs. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best and most reasonable home inspection services.


InspecUs Yegnorth offers the best home inspection services at reasonable prices. Call us today for a quick quote.


Want to know what we look for when we go for home inspections and why are they important? Head over to our blog section to learn about them in detail.


Trained For Excellence
Standard training for the State of Edmonton only requires 40 hours and one can be a Home Inspector. At Inspecus Yegnorth, we have not just 40 hours but over 300 hours of hands on training in the field to serve you our best. Plus, all of our inspectors have a construction background so they know what they’re looking at.
Top Of The Line Tools
Standard training for the State of Edmonton only requires 40 hours and one can be a Home Inspector. At Inspecus Yegnorth, we have not just 40 hours but over 300 hours of hands on training in the field to serve you our best. Plus, all of our inspectors have a construction background so they know what they’re looking at.
Unbiased Reporting in 24 Hours
We got the best reporting software on the market. So our reports are clear, actionable and we take over 200 pictures to add into the report. We are 100% thorough and efficient, and we can provide the full report within 24 hours and even sooner upon request.
Going The Extra Mile For You
We offer ongoing support and expertise when needed. We know the numbers for what things cost. We often times have popped back to a house to answer a question or concern to help you in your house buying or selling.

License & Certifications

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Banti Shaw, InspecUs Edmonton West & Dipak Joshi, CET

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Licensed Professional
Home Inspector

Our home inspectors are all meticulous specialists who have been licensed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They will perform detailed checks and provide detailed reports on inspections conducted using the state of the art equipment and technology.

Covid-19 protocols

We maintain all Covid-19 protocols while carrying out a home inspection. Our home inspectors are always sanitized and wear masks at all times.

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