Condominium Inspection

Condo is a privately-owned individual unit within a community of other units. Condo owners jointly own shared common areas, such as pools, garages, elevators and outside hallways and gyms, to name a few. 

Condo inspection in Edmonton is offered by the Inspecus, a leader in home inspection and its needs. For a job well done to your heart’s content and faith that the condo inspected is safe and secure to start living in, call us today, for a quote.

At Inspecus Condo inspection includes the following checklist to be ticked off-

    • The verification of access is very important. It needs to be verified for both, the individual condo and the whole building and other common areas.
    • The next part is the checking of common amenities and areas of the building. 
    • Next, FHA approval, if already available, saves a lot of time and energy.
  • The next step is to ask for the show of documents and if they are completed and in order, and no historic taxes and fees are levied on condo, even in near future.
  • HVAc unit needs to be properly inspected to be sure of energy consumption and minimising wastage.
  • The ceilings, floors and walls need to be visually inspected to be free of any damages and breakage. 
  • Doors and windows also need to be checked.
  • Appliances, if any provided should be checked to be in proper working condition.
  • Plumbing and electrical systems need to be thoroughly checked.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens also need proper inspection before making a decision.

Condominium Inspection Service

There are two kinds of condo/townhouse inspections. The “Interior Only” inspection focuses on wellbeing, functional testing, moisture invasion, and examining for poorly installed components that are beginning to reach the end of design life. This inspection begins at around $225 and goes up based on the scale of the unit. 

The second category of inspection is more of an overall view of a building complex inspection. This includes everything in the “Interior Only” category, and the outer siding, crawlspace, roof, and attic. This is a more external view of the outer components and will only include those that are firmly connected to the unit in question.

Condo Inspection Includes

A condo is a privately owned individual unit that is part of a community of other units. Condo owners share ownership of shared common spaces such as pools, parking lots, lifts, outside corridors, and fitness facilities, to mention a few. 

In many ways, condo inspections are similar to home inspections, but there are a few differences. Condos have common areas. The condo owners own these areas collectively. That’s why there is a condo affiliation. 

InspecUs, a leader in a thorough inspection and its needs, provides condo inspection in Edmonton. Call us today for a quotation for a job well done to your heart’s delight and confidence that the condo checked is safe and protected to begin living in.

Why Choose Us for Condo Inspection In Edmonton

At InspecUs, a condo inspection includes the following items to be checked off the checklist: 

  • The verification of access is critical. It must be verified for both the individual condo and the entire building, as well as other common areas.
  • Next, if FHA approval is already in place, it saves a significant amount of time and energy.
  • The HVAC unit must be thoroughly inspected to ensure proper energy consumption and waste reduction.
  • The ceilings, floors, and walls must be visually inspected to ensure they are free of damage and breakage.
  • Doors and windows must also be inspected.
  • The plumbing and electrical systems must be thoroughly inspected.

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Our home inspectors are all meticulous specialists who have been licensed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They will perform detailed checks and provide detailed reports on inspections conducted using the state of the art equipment and technology.

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We maintain all Covid-19 protocols while carrying out a home inspection. Our home inspectors are always sanitized and wear masks at all times.

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