Home Inspection

It is critical to conduct a home inspection in order to avoid making a serious mistake by buying a property that requires considerable repairs

Townhome Inspection

If you are unhappy with the reliability of the house, even by 1%, getting the property inspected would be a wise decision. A townhouse inspection can identify safety issues such as chemical components and mold growth and can help you make an informed decision.

Condo Inspections

Condo inspections are classified into two types. The most common type of inspection is the “Interior Only” inspection. The second category of inspection is more of an overall view of a complicated inspection.

Air Quality Sampling & Analysis

Air quality testing can identify the presence of lead, dangerous chemicals, and pathogens that are harmful to human health. InspecUs Yegnorth in Edmonton does these at reasonable rates.

Mold & Sampling & Inpection

Mold sampling and testing can help you determine if you have mold in your home, even if that is not visible to the naked eye.

Asbestos Sampling & Assessment

An asbestos inspection is when a person looks for the presence of an asbestos-containing substance in a building. High concentrations of asbestos can put your health in jeopardy and thus, it is best to get the home inspected for these minerals.

Thermal Imaging & Moisture Detection

Moisture can collect in a variety of places that are usually overlooked in a standard inspection. That is why thermal imaging is essential in their home inspection protocol.

Small Business Inspection

A small business inspection identifies potential risks in the workplace. It demonstrates that the procedure is working smoothly.

Existing Contracting Work Inspection

Construction inspections are usually performed as a contractual obligation by contractors to provide the client with an independent view of the construction projects and their advancement.

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Licensed Professional
Home Inspector

Our home inspectors are all meticulous specialists who have been licensed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They will perform detailed checks and provide detailed reports on inspections conducted using the state of the art equipment and technology.

Covid-19 protocols

We maintain all Covid-19 protocols while carrying out a home inspection. Our home inspectors are always sanitized and wear masks at all times.

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