Small Business Inspection

Small businesses need the inspection as much as large ones. It is the responsibility of business owner to make the working environment safe for its employees. Small Business Inspection in Edmonton, AB is available through Inspecus and their certified home inspectors. Our unblemished and professional image is the result of hard working individuals, which speaks volumes for our quality.

What does small business inspection include? 

  • Tools and machinery- The everyday tools and machinery being used regularly must be subjected to checkup by the professionals, lest it starts misbehaving.¬†
  • First Aid & Medical- The first aid and medical services available on the property must be thoroughly checked and replenished if need be. Any machines available on the campus must be checked and kept close watch on.
  • Machine guards- The machinery in the business that is used regularly should not be left unattended and without any covers. Once the day is over, the machines need to be wiped clean and wired off. If possible, they should be covered to avoid any safety issues.
  • Lighting- To work properly, proper lighting is required. It helps focus on the task at hand to finish it successfully. It also affects the mood of employees, and in turn their productivity. Thus, proper lighting is required.
  • Noise level- Too much noise is distratcting and long term contact with high decibel noise can result in physiological as well as psychological issues in workers. These need to be checked.
  • Electrical system
  • Elevating system
  • Housekeeping also needs to be paid required attention for inspection.

Licensed Professional
Home Inspector

Our home inspectors are all meticulous specialists who have been licensed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. They will perform detailed checks and provide detailed reports on inspections conducted using the state of the art equipment and technology.

Covid-19 protocols

We maintain all Covid-19 protocols while carrying out a home inspection. Our home inspectors are always sanitized and wear masks at all times.

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